Nunavut Planning Commission

The Nunavut Planning Commission (NPC) is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of land use plans that guide and direct resource use and development in the Nunavut Settlement Area.

Currently, the NPC implements and monitors the North Baffin Regional Land Use Plan and the Keewatin Regional Land Use Plan. More information on these land use plans and how the NPC implements and monitors them can be found here.

The NPC is also working on a Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan. Once approved, this Nunavut-wide plan will replace the North Baffin and Keewatin Regional Land Use Plans.

The NPC welcomes feedback and comments on all aspects of its mandate and encourages you to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding land use planning in Nunavut.

Press Release: Suspension of Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan Public Hearing

News Release

Please see the attached Press Release regarding the suspension of the Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan Public Hearing.

New Dates * February - March Community Consultation Schedule

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Community Consultation Schedule

The Commission will host workshops and gather feedback on the Draft Plan in every Nunavut municipality, as well as with the Inuit of Nunavik and the Athabasca and Manitoba Denesuline over the next year. Additional dates to be determined.

Time Change for Clyde River Public Meeting

News Release

Due to weather, the public meeting in Clyde River to review the proposed transportation corridor for the Early Revenue Phase of the Mary River Project has been moved to 3:00 pm on January 7, 2014.